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Isis Magic: Per Iset
"Isis" by Iselin
AS THE Green Goddess works Her sylvan magick,
We smell Her incense in the fragrant pines
And feel Her warm pulse in the meadows of June.

Worship Her splendor as Golden Isis,
Dazzling and stron as a Midsummer sun...
Regenerating sovereign of transformations.

Watch Her sparkle as the Silver Enchantress
As soft rains sprinkle the scented lilac
And soak wisteria of garden walls.

Remember Her as Guardian Lady of the Sea,
Like the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria
With its shaft of light across the dark.

Celebrate Her glory as Lady of the Lotus
Floating in pure and silken beauty
On sactuary pools of aquamarine.

See Her as Selene, when the milky orb of
The Faery Moon hangs like a swollen globe
From the velvet dome of a midnight sky.

Observe Her as Sirius, Star of Isis,
Rising in the East before the Sun God, and
Glistening like a gem through a sarsen portal.

Feel Her as Air when Autumn winds
Ride wild across the haunted heath,
Whipping your hair at mystic stone circles.

Honor Her as Fire when the noon-day sun
Beats heavy upon the desert sphinx,
Or flashes flame from an obelisk.

Sense Her as Earth when hills and valleys of
Sculpted Nature shape contours of Her body...
The summer flowers Her jeweled adornments.

Hear Her as Water when Her lofty music
Crescendos on gray and jagged cliffs,
Or plays upon the stones of shining lakes.

Know Her as the Maiden, running through daisies,
And as nurturing Mother who soothes you soul,
And as Lapis Queen of deep-blue wisdoms.

Hail Her as the veiled High Priestess
And as Empress of Creativity...
Lustrous muse with a crown of twinkling stars.

Revere Her as the sweet mother of Horus,
And as the sad-eyed Lady of Sorrows...
Wife and noble soul-mate of beloved Osiris.

Trust Her as White Light and Great Protectress,
The One Who Listens and hears your truth...
And forever is with you through all of time.

Love Her as the Goddess of Goddesses,
And the ultimate Healer, a teacher of
The Mysteries, and the path to your inner self.

Believe in the power of Her luminous wings,
And Her dark-rimmed eyes flicker and becon
Like torches in the holy hallowed temples.

Savor that vision of divine omnipotence
As She wears the radiant solar disk
High on her black and perfumed hair.

And marvel as Her rainbow opalescence
Shimmers of violet and blue and silver
By Her shrine of hushed and sacred waters.

Where you breathe and free and open yourself
Like a blue unfolding lotus, and dance
Like Isadora before Her temple of the Moon.

Lotus Ornament