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Isis Magic: Per Iset
Three Days
How to Prepare

With our busy lives, it is sometimes hard to take the time to do the spiritual work we would like. Let ‘Three Days in the House of Isis’ be your opportunity to focus your attention and open your heart even wider to Isis. If you are already a Priest/ess of Isis, make this the time to be open to a breakthrough in your current work. If you are just beginning your work with Her, take this time to learn more about your relationship.

When you come, be prepared to share your experiences of Isis with others who, like yourself, have heard Her voice and felt the beating of Her sacred heart. Bring your chants, your talents—and your passion for the Goddess. Be prepared to be open not only to Her, but to your sisters and brothers on the path. Be prepared to participate and truly help us create our House of Isis. Also bring with you your sacred objects, the things that make you feel closer to Isis, from altar items to robes and jewelry, for we will wear temple dress all weekend in Her honor.

You may also prepare with rites and meditations. Use your own favorites, or explore this website for a selection of rituals and meditations which will help you prepare to spend ‘Three Days in the House of Isis.’

Lotus Ornament