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Isis Magic: The Book
About the Author
M. ISIDORA FORREST has been a devotee of the Goddess Isis for more than 15 years. She was formally ordained by Olivia Robertson as a Priestess with the international Fellowship of Isis in 1997 and has been a member of that organization since 1994. She is a Prophetess of the House of Isis, which represents an especially deep relationship with the Goddess.

Isidora is skilled in the creation and facilitation of ritual experiences and regularly guides rituals in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. On occasion, she presents workshops to introduce people to the “Art of Ritual,” and to the worship of Isis. She is active in her local alternative spirituality community, and has helped organize and facilitate many worship celebrations and festivals.

With her husband, Adam Forrest, she is a founder of the Hermetic Fellowship, an organization devoted to education in the Western Esoteric Tradition and to spiritual development through the use of myth and ritual. In addition, Isidora is trained in a 100-year-old Hermetic magical tradition. With over twenty years of study in this tradition, Isidora has earned the title of Adept.

Isidora is the author of the new book Isis Magic: Cultivating a Relationship with the Goddess of 10,000 Names from Llewellyn Publications. She has also authored several articles in the Golden Dawn Journal series edited by Chic and Tabatha Cicero: “Divination in the Græco-Egyptian Magical Papyri” in Book I, Divination; “The Equilibration of Jehovah” in Book II, Qabalah; “The Hermetic Isis” in Book III, The Art of Hermes; and “Pagans and Neo-Pagans, Five Elemental Reasons to Claim our Pagan Polytheistic Heritage” in Magical Pantheons, a Golden Dawn Journal.

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