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Title: Egyptian Religion

Image: Alethe & the Ibises
Welcome to the Hermetic Fellowship
Egyptian Resources...
This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and as a specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

This list is provided as an informational resource. Though some truly fine organizations and resources are listed here, not all that are listed are well known to the Hermetic Fellowship. Therefore, the appearance of a group or other resource in this listing does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the Hermetic Fellowship. In becoming involved with any group or teacher, the seeker should always exercise his or her reason and intuition. Caveat Quæstor.

Living Practitioners and Votaries
Bullet Isis Magic
M. Isidora Forrest, one of the Founding Stewards of the Hermetic Fellowship, and a Priestess of the Hermetic Fellowship as well as of the Fellowship of Isis, has established this sister site of the HF Website as a companion resource to accompany her recently published book, Isis Magic.
(M. Isidora Forrest) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Fellowship of Isis
“All Fellowship centers and individuals are warmly welcomed to be represented equally within these pages. Our sincere gratitude is expressed to all members who have contributed their listings and suggestions. Your participation and support reflect the qualities of Love, Beauty and Truth that is found within the Fellowship of Isis. May the Goddess of Ten-Thousand Names bless you and your work.”
(FOI) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Kemetic Orthodox Faith
“Ancient Egyptian religion lives today as Kemetic Orthodoxy, the current-day practice of the traditional religion of Kemet (known today as Egypt). With Netjer's help and blessing, this ancient religion has been revived with the assistance of original texts and cutting-edge Egyptological research, bringing the principles of Ma'at to a new world.”
(Het Netjer) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Lord Tehuti’s House
“Welcome to Tehuti's House! Please come on in and be at home! Hi my name is A'soru. I love and Honor the Netjeru with my heart and soul . And when Lord Tehuti kept coming to me in channels and in my thoughts, I knew I was going to be picked soon to love and honor him. I was so excited I could never pass up a opportunity of a life time like this in my life.”
(A'soru) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Akhet Hwt-Hrw
“Temple & School of the Religion of Ancient Egypt. This is the official web site of Akhet, a Temple of Ancient Egyptian Religion. The pages listed here give information about the religion and culture of Ancient Egypt, Akhet as both a temple and school, as well as listing some of the many services offered by Akhet.”
(Akhet) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Temple of Anubis
“Lord Anubis, Anpu to the Ancient Egyptians, was guide of souls in the shadow world of the dead. It was his job to lead them to the place of judgement and through the darkness and chaos that surrounded them. He also is a guide to those who feel lost in a world of shadows in life. This is how he came to me. Join me in praise and understanding for the guidance he has provided in the past and present.”
(Shatav) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Akhentef’s World — The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
“Welcome to Akhentef’s World. May the light of the Gods and Goddesses shine in and with you always.”
(Akhentef) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Mysteries of Isis
“Welcome to the Mysteries of Isis homepage, a sacred space on the Web dedicated to Isis. As a Goddess of light, communication, and energy, what better place for Her to be?
You can also order the book "The Mysteries of Isis" through the Isiscraft Catalog or from most online and offline bookstores. I am also pleased to announce that a Russian edition of the book will be coming out this year, joining the Italian hardcover version.”
(DeTraci Regula) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Temple of Isis
“The Temple of Isis is a legally recoignized church in California, established in June of 1996. We honor the Goddess Isis, who equates with Mother Earth, and has been worshipped longer than any other deity known on this planet.”
(TOI) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Temple of Isis / Los Angeles
“The Temple of Isis/Los Angeles is a collective of Fellowship of Isis Iseums which offers public rituals, classes, 'Year-and-a-Day' programs, and Priestess/Priest training for the Los Angeles and Northern Orange County areas. The Iseum of Isis Pelagia, the Iseum of the Living Ast, the Iseum of the Queen of Heaven, and the Iseum of the Sacred Flame seek to provide spiritual experiences and training in living the spiritual life under the auspices of Isis, She of 10,000 Names. The Temple of Isis/Los Angeles is a part of the Fellowship of Isis whose Foundation Centre is at Clonegal Castle, Ireland and the Temple of Isis whose centre is at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California. TOI/LA is also associated with Long Beach WomanSpirit which has been bringing public ritual, Goddess craft faires, and classes to the greater Long Beach community since 1988.”
(TOI/LA) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Iseum Isis Aurea
“Welcome to the Iseum Isis Aurea.”
(Iseum Isis Aurea) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Iseum of Isis Navigatum
“Dedicated to REBIRTHING THE GODDESS in our time offering Inspiration and Information through Stories, Rituals, Classes, Highlights of Sacred Journeys and Local Events. We invite you to visit our PHOTO ARCHIVE of sacred sites and special happenings, as well as our newest additions to the site called MEET OUR FRIENDS, where we highlight the work of creative women and felines in the goddess community. And we'd like to introduce you to our sisters and brothers through our link to other Fellowship of Isis Iseums and Lyceums around the world.”
(Iseum of Isis Navigatum) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Temple/Lyceum of Isis of the Stars
“The Temple/Lyceum of Isis of the Stars was founded in 1994 to provide information, service, and training to those interested in the worship of the Goddess of 10,000 names. The temple is part of the Fellowship of Isis, an international networking organization concerned with the revival of awareness of the feminine face of the Divine.”
(Lynn McCaleb) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet All Things Sekhmet
“SEKHMET'S STAR TEMPLE OF MAGICK. The journey within the Body of Sekhmet has taken us to many places. In Her Earth Temple we learned about ourselves and who we are by ourselves and in conjunction with other celebrants of the Goddess. In Sekhmet's Moon Temple, we moved from the personal to the transpersonal, making deep connections with our inner being and denizens of the subtler realms. In the Sun Temple, we moved into the solar heart of Sekhmet where we bring our abilities into full consciousness and heal ourselves through the compassionate service of helping others.”
(Darlene) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Children of Ra Temple
“The Children of Ra Temple is a reorganization/rebirth of the ULC Church of Amazement -- an eclectic Pagan ULC congregation from April 1995 - September 1997. The original Book of Light and Shadows was compiled primarily from various books that made up the library of this church, but also includes original works by members of the church as well as information from Usenet posts. If you copy any of this information, please be sure to copy the appropriate copyright information as well!!
The Children of Ra Temple is still eclectic in background and philosophy, but decidedly Khemetic in focus and pantheon. New pages -- the still-in-progress Book of Ra -- are being added to this site to reflect our current beliefs, techniques and studies.”
(CORT) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Phoenix Alliance
Welcome to the Alliance of the Phoenix (AoP)! We are an umbrella organization of independent Houses dedicated to the Netjer (Egyptian Gods). The Alliance was formed by the independent houses in order to provide a support forum for all who worship the Netjer by promoting fellowship and encouraging ongoing education.”
(AotP) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Bubastis
Welcome to the House of Cats.
(Our House Prod.) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Heru’s Oasis
“Heru the Great welcomes you to The Oasis! ALL ARE ONE! Greetings in the name of Ra-Heru! Come in and make a connection or two.”
(Heru’s Oasis) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Association of the House of Life
The House of Life is a present-day Mystery group based on the Egyptian esoteric school of the same name. Its members include several artists and writers who are connected with the inner work of the group and who have agreed to accredit it in their related publications. Association with the House of Life aligns its members in recognition and furtherance of the tradition in which they play an ongoing part.
The artists, writers and craftspeople of the House of Life have come together to re-establish the tradition of Sacred Art and Creativity, a tradition that is almost forgotten in the West..”
(AHL) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Netjeru Crossings
“Welcome to my pages! I just want to say the way I see them is not the way books and other Egyptian groups see the Netjeru. I may not see the Netjeru as other Egyptian groups, but I have total respect for their ways of practice. Just alittle about myself now...where to start? I am a solitary Priest of the Netjeru using the ways of Modern Paganism as my path. My name is Asumut. My soul dates back to the 2nd Egyptian dynasty....what a beautiful time that was, but it will never be the Egypt as I knew then. Most of my lives were in Egypt ranking in all fields from slave to Priest. Someday the homeland will be like it was in the times of great Pharoahs.”
(Asumut) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Ellen Cannon Reed’s Circle of Isis
“My Spiritual Path is Wicca, and it, and my Lady Isis, are the center of my life, but just as there are many Gods and Goddesses, there are many parts to my life. This site explores both...”
(E. Cannon Reed) New Link! 03/01
Bullet Western Esoteric Tradition Resources
Maintained by the Hermetic Fellowship.
(HF) Updated! 03/01
Bullet Sacred Hermetic Order of Asar-Ra (SHOAR) New Link! 03/01
Ancient Egyptian Religion
Bullet Egyptian Religious Studies Bibliography (Hermetic Fellowship) Under Construction
Bullet Ancient Egypt: The Mythology
“Ancient Egypt: the Mythology is the most comprehensive site on ancient Egyptian mythology on the web. It features over 40 gods and goddesses, 30 symbols and complete myths. Also featured are articles about Egyptian culture and history.”
(A. Arnold) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Egyptian Mythology Gallery
“My goal is to give a basic view of Ancient Egyptian Mythology. I have tried to make it as easy to understand and as complete as possible. I must stress the word "basic", because the information that is here is only one stone in a much larger pyramid.”
(Deurer) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Glossary of Egyptian Mythology
Part of Deurer’s Gallery of Egpytian Mythology.
(Deurer) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
A thumbnail dictionary of principal Egyptian deities. Part of the Emuseum of the Dept. of Anthropology at Minnesota State University Mankato.
(EMuseum) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Egyptian Mythology
Another thumbnail dictionary of Egyptian religion, part of Encyclopedia Mythica. Editor: M.F. Lindemans.
(Encyclopedia Mythica) New Link! 03/01
Bullet Two Approaches to an Egyptian Pantheon: Memphis and Heliopolis
“The following should not be viewed as a comprehensive explanation of Egyptian religion. The hundreds of Egyptian gods not mentioned below may be aspects of, or the same as, those who are included. However, this outline addresses only the first and second of the official cults of Egypt.” By Lee Huddleston, Dept. of History, Univ. of N. Texas.
(L. Huddleston) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Egyptian Book of the Dead
The Papyrus of Ani. Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge.
(InterCity Oz) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Egyptian Creation Epic
“Harmonized from various versions of the Mythos by Aaron Leitch.
When speaking of ancient Khemet (Egypt), it is necessary to remember that we are not speaking of a singular village in a singular time. In fact, we are speaking of two great nations that spanned thousands of years. In this time, there were several dynasties of rulers (not all of them Egyptian) and literally hundreds of varying religions. Each temple had its own patron deity, whose worshippers often regarded as the Supreme God and Creator. The sun-god Re is merely one example, as is Osiris. This is what often makes a study of Egyptian mythology complicated or even utterly confusing. What follows, then, is my own "harmonized" version of the Egyptian creation mythos. It incorporates most of the more popular aspects from various tellings of the story, and I have therefore named it an "epic." Enjoy!”
(Khephera / A. Leitch) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet An Egyptian Creation Text
“The following text is from 'The Book of Overthrowing Apophis,' a late work, but one which conserves basic material from a relatively early period . . . Translation and notes by Alexandre Piankoff, in his The Shrines of Tut-ankh-amon (New York, 1955), P. 24.”
(J. Walz, Eliade’s From Primitives to Zen) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Aspects of Isis
“This is part of an answer I sometimes give when people ask me Who Isis is. It can say nothing about Who She really is—for who can define Goddess? It can but offer some notes on a few of Her ten thousand names...”
(M. I. Forrest, Isis Magic) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Isis Receives the True and Hidden Name of Re
An Egyptian myth retold by Aaron Leitch.
(Khephera / A. Leitch) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Hathor’s Rage and the Destruction of Mankind
An Egyptian myth retold by Aaron Leitch.
(Khephera / A. Leitch) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Hymn to the Nile, c. 2100 BCE
“From: Oliver J. Thatcher, ed., The Library of Original Sources (Milwaukee: University Research Extension Co., 1907), Vol. I: The Ancient World.”
(P. Halsall, Ancient History Sourcebook) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Great Hymn to the Aten
“Inscription, West wall of the tomb of Ay, Tell el-Amarna . . . Source: Nicolas Grimal. A History of Ancient Egypt. Ian Shaw, translator. Oxford: Basil Blackwell Ltd., 1992 (english translation).”
(Kate Stange, The Akhet-Aten Home Page) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet The Book of Thoth
An Egyptian myth retold by April Arnold.
(A. Arnold) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Apuleius’ Isis Epiphany
“The cult of Isis was one of the most important of the empire wide cults in the later empire, and perhaps its greatest monument is in Lucius Apuleius very strange novel, The Golden Ass. Here Isis appears to Lucius, and claims to be all goddesses. We see here the workings of an intense religious syncretism. Isis is here the Queen of Heaven, and principal of all the gods and goddesses. Lucius Apuleius: Metamophoses or The Golden Ass. Book 11, Chap 47. Adapted by Paul Halsall from the translation by Adlington 1566 in comparison with Robert Graves translation of 1951.”
(P. Halsall, Ancient History Sourcebook) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Complete Text of Apuleius’s Golden Ass
“Adlington's translation . . . "The xi Bookes of the Golden Asse, conteininge the Metamorphosie of Lucius Apuleius." First Edition "Imprinted at London in Fleetstreate at the signe of the Oliphante, by Henry Wykes, Anno. 1566".
This electronic edition prepared by Martin Guy, Canterbury and Ramsgate, March-May 1996.”
(The English Server) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet The Ogdoad and Ancient Egypt
“The Ogdoad were the primeval forces of chaos in Egyptian mythology, represented as eight deities which existed before the creation of the sun god. The eight were considered as four couples, each embodying a different aspect of the primal world...”
(Byzant) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Pilgrimage to Abydos
“he Abydos Pilgrimage conveys the visitor to a true initation into the Egyptian Underworld.” Part of the Jacque Edouard Berger Foundation’s World of Art Treasure, hosted at the École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne.
(Berger Foundation) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Death in Ancient Egypt
“A project and publication of The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago written and compiled by Alexandra A. O'Brien© 1996-1999.
The developing family of documents under the general title of Death in Ancient Egypt has multiple purposes. First and foremost is to provide simple, clearly expressed, and factually accurate information on various aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization.”
(ABZU) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Dead Pharaoh Ascends to Heaven
“(From the 'Pyramid Texts')
The so-called Pyramid Texts are religious texts inscribed on the interior walls of the pyramids of certain pharaohs of the fifth and sixth dynasties (ca. 2425-2300 B.C.).-The Pyramid Texts contain the oldest references to Egyptian cosmology and theology, but they are primarily concerned with the victorious passage of the dead pharaoh to his new, celestial abode.
Translation by J. H. Breasted, in his Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt (Chicago, 1912).”
(J. Walz, Eliade’s From Primitives to Zen) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Egyptian Book of the Dead, Chapter 125
The Judgment of the Heart in the Hall of the Maati. Part of Washington State University’s World Civilizations: An Internet Classroom and Anthology.
(R. Hooker) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Walk Like an Egyptian
“A Guide to Ancient Egyptian Religion and Philosophy.”
(R.L. Wheeler) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet The Ancient Mysteries
Maintained on-site by the Hermetic Fellowship.
(HF) Updated! 03/01
General Egyptology
Bullet The Ancient Egypt Site
“Created by Egyptologist Jacque Kinnear.”
(J. Kinnear) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Reeder’s Egypt Page
“This page is dedicated to examining the art, archaeology, religion and history of Egypt.”
(G. Reeder) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Guardian’s Egypt
“Welcome to Guardian's Egypt where you can explore the mystery and splendor of ancient Egypt from the comfort of your own computer.”
(A. Bayuk) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Egypt
Maps, Chronologies, Modern Egyptology, Akhnaten, Religion, Art and Architectur, Literature, Music, Everyday Life, Mathematics, Gender and Sexuality, Nubia, Libya and Western North Africa, Modern Perspectives on Egypt.
(P. Halsall) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet ABZU
“GUIDE TO RESOURCES FOR THE STUDY OF THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET. A project and publication of The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago.
Abzu is an experimental guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet. The following indexes are simply points of entry. The material included in each of them overlaps to a considerable degree, but they will allow the browser to view the material in a number of different ways.”
(Oriental Institute of Chicago) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Ancient Egypt Studies Association (AESA)
Portland, OR. “Ancient Egypt Studies Association (AESA) promotes the study and understanding of ancient Egypt in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. AESA offers lectures and study groups in Seattle and Portland, as well as The Scroll, our quarterly educational newsletter. We offer flexible membership plans; you don't have to live in the Pacific Northwest to join! We welcome amateurs and professionals alike.”
(J. Sarr, AESA) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Gayer-Anderson Scarab Collection
Portland, OR. “The Portland Art Museum's Egyptian scarab collection is rich and varied, with over 1300 beetle-back scarab amulets and seals. This collection was assembled by the Englishman Major R. G. Gayer-Anderson between 1907 and 1917 in Egypt, loaned to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford from 1917 to 1925, and sold in 1927 to Portland's well-known architect and then president of the museum's Board of Trustees, Albert. E. Doyle. In 1929, a year after Doyle's death, the museum received the collection as a donation in his memory.”
(J. Sarr) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Egyptology Resources
“The first Egyptology site on the Web.”
(N. Strudwick) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology
Memphis, TN. “The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, founded in 1984, is a component of the Department of Art of The University of Memphis, in Memphis, Tennessee (USA), and is a Tennessee Center of Excellence. It is dedicated to the study of the art and culture of ancient Egypt through teaching, research, exhibition, and community education. As part of its teaching and research, the Institute conducts an epigraphic survey in the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt.”
(U. Memphis) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Hieroglyphs!
“Welcome to Hieroglyphs! A guide and web directory to Egyptian hieroglyphs. Despite the exclamation point, this page is for all ages and includes academic as well as juvenile links. On this site you will find essays introducing Egyptian hieroglyphs, essays on Champollion and the Rosetta stone, dozens of on-line self-teaching programs, a half-dozen "translators," Hieroglyphic fonts, software, and so forth.”
(T. Spalding) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Basic Lessons in Hieratic (S. Fryer) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet The Egypt Page
Links page maintained by Ali B. Dinar for the U. Penn. Africian Studies Dept.
(U.Penn. African Studies) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
“KMT: A MODERN JOURNAL OF ANCIENT EGYPT began in 1990 as an English-language periodical devoted exclusively to articles on the culture, history, personalities, arts and monuments of ancient Egypt- as well features on archaeology, past and present. If you are fascinated by Kemet (Kmt-the "Black Land"- what the ancient Egyptians called their country), KMT is for you!.”
(KMT) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Egypt Revealed Magazine
“In each vividly illustrated issue of this new magazine, we will bring you the latest discoveries from Egypt by today's top researchers on a depth and scale never before presented in the pages of one magazine. Written for the general reader with an emphasis on stunning photography, Egypt Revealed is a must for anyone interested in Egypt.”
(Egypt Revealed) Link Updated 03/01
Bullet Egypt & Art
“My name is Richard Deurer. I am an Artist. The inspiration for my work is Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian Galleries contain my paintings, photographs and sculptures. You will also find valuable information about Ancient Egypt.”
(Deurer) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
“Another world awaits you . . . a mysterious world over 6,000 years old! The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, architecturally inspired by the Temple of Amon at Karnak, houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in the western United States -- including objects from predynastic times through Egypt's early Christian era.”
(AMORC) Link Updated 07/12
Bullet Museo Gregoriano Egiziano
The Vatican’s Egyptian museum.
(Vatican) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Annual Egyptological Bibliography
“Welcome to the home page of the Annual Egyptological Bibliography. The AEB is published by the International Association of Egyptologists in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute for the Near East.”
(IAE) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet CCER — Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research
“The Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research (CCER) at Utrecht University in The Netherlands specializes in matters related to the application of computers in Egyptology. The Centre's activities concern developing general methods and programs, and providing world-wide advice and support. In this respect it coordinates the activities of the Computer Working Group of the International Association of Egyptologists.”
(H. van den Berg) Link Verified 03/01
Bullet Hieroglyphic Name Server (S. Rosmorduc) New Link! 03/01
Bullet The Status of Women in Ancient Egypt (P. Piccione) New Link! 03/01
Image: Nile Beasts
Roman Mosaic of the Animals of the Nile
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